Michael Johnny – Manager, Knowledge Mobilization, York University

Knowledge Brokering

Michael Johnny, an accomplished knowledge broker from York University in Ontario, joins me in a discussion around the value of brokering, skills required and how to work in that tricky space between researchers and potential stakeholders, there is even a dating analogy!



Dr Amanda Cooper – Assistant Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at Queens University

Knowledge Brokering for Impact

Amanda Cooper, knowledge broker and education research specialist, highlights the role of brokers, considerations of skills required and what funders are doing and saying when it comes to research impact around the globe.


Kevin Anselmo – Founder, Experiential Communications

Creating your key messages

Kevin Anselmo takes us through the steps to develop your key messages to communicate your science with impact. Find out how to be less wordy and more influential through the use of clear communications.


Dr Max Kennedy – Manager of Contestable Investments, New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment

Global Impact Insights – New Zealand

Max Kennedy of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in New Zealand talks us through the nature of research funding and the newly created focus on research impact within the research application processes.

Professor John Bacon-Shone – Director of the Social Sciences Research Centre, Associate Dean and Associate Director (Knowledge Exchange), The University of Hong Kong

Global Impact Insights – Hong Kong

ohn Bacon-Shone from The University of Hong Kong shares the research impact agenda and experiences with us. In this insightful talk, we learn about the close relationship and similarities between the UK REF and the 2021 impact assessment in Hong Kong.



Professor Shaliza Ibrahim – Associate Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) University of Malaya, Malaysia

Global impact insights – Malaysia

Professor Shaliza Ibrahim, Associate Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) of University of Malaya, shares the Malaysian research impact experience and how they are focusing on research translation within their funding.



Panel Discussion – Marcus Tolentio Silva, Vivian Pereira, Sharmila Sousa, Jorge Barreto

Global Impact Insights – Brazil

In this panel discussion, Jorge Otávio Maia Barreto, Marcus Tolentino, Viviane Pereira, and Sharmila Sousa outline the status of research impact and research translation in Brazil.


Mark Ferguson – Director General, Science Foundation Ireland and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of Ireland

Global Impact Insights – Ireland

Mark Ferguson, the Director General of Science Foundation Ireland, gives us the funder and researcher perspectives on research impact iin Ireland. The focus here is on impact upfront where planning and vision are essential at the application end.


Leonie Van Drooge – Senior researcher, Rathenau Institute, Holland

Productive interactions for research impact

Leonie van Drooge from the Rathenau Institute gives us some research impact insights into the status of impact measurement in the Netherlands and talks us through the use of productive interactions in the creation of impact from research.


Esther De Smet – Senior Research Policy Advisor, Ghent University

Global impact insights – Belgium

Esther De Smet, Senior Research Policy Advisor at Ghent University, fills us in on the state of research impact in Belgium, her role as a knowledge broker and how they are incentivising societal value creation within Ghent University.


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