David Phipps – Director, Research Services & Knowledge Exchange, York University Canada

Impact is the what, and knowledge translation is the how!

David’s interview takes you on a journey of understanding the in’s and out’s of knowledge translation, or as he calls it, knowledge mobilization. Hear about definitional dystopia and the secret sauce to a KT plan. Impact is the what and knowledge translation is the how!

Melanie Barwick – The Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto

Demystifying KT terminology and implementation science

The detail of knowledge translation terms, what implementation science is, and what it really takes for implementation to be successful.

Peter Levesque – President, Institute for Knowledge Mobilization

Situational awareness and dating advice for policy action

Peter walks us through his experiences of working in the “contact sport” of Knowledge Translation. We talk strategies versus tactics and discuss context, culture and capacity for the delivery of content.


Becky White – Director, Reach Health Promotion Innovations

Mobile technology for health interventions

The considerations needed when thinking about using mobile technology and apps as part of your knowledge translation strategy.


Links & Resources


Wilma James – UniQuest Pty Limited

Bridging the interface between science and industry

The challenges of bridging the science to industry gap, commercialisation considerations, and working in the space between research and innovation.

Olle Bergman – Communications consultant, public speaker, and freelance writer

Flying ants, clown techniques, and superpowers!

In this session, you will hear from Olle Bergman on all things communication, be it your pitch, your slide deck, and storytelling. Check out Olle’s tips for better communication and how to develop your pitch. He even threatens to crawl under the table to get the viewers attention!


Arne Smolders – Founder & CEO – AcademicLabs

Outsourcing for research collaboration and sharing

Arne Smolders talks about his passion for connecting researchers and research groups. Not only does he facilitate collaboration through the online “dating” site for academics, he has created a place to share expertise and equipment and to provide knowledge and services between and within both academia and industry. This new platform could prove to be the next great idea for online networking!



Catherine Williams – Chief Marketing Officer at Altmetric

The exciting world of alternative metrics

The use of alternative metrics in determining our research reach and impact.